Premium package: 7 days

  • Run the yooplayer.
  • Open the player menu by right-clicking on the yellow icon.
  • Select "About" from the menu and click on it using the left mouse button.
  • In the "About YOOPLAYER" form select and copy your ID.

Premium FAQ

Premium packages improve or extend the player’s capabilities.
Premium packages make it easy to work with the player, expand the available options and enhance the convenience of video playback.
playing video
full support of the player start-up option
full support for pausing and resuming playback*
*) Features dependent on the support of the selected video server
Not sure what an item means? Hover your mouse over it for an explanation.
No, a restart isn’t needed. The premium package appears in the player within two minutes.
Yes. The validity of the existing premium package will extend by the value purchased.
The premium package features will no longer be available.
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